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Mom’s Friend’s Son: The Amazing Jung Hae-in & Jung So-min to Grace the Screens in 2024

Mom’s Friend’s Son: A Glimpse to Storyline, Release Date, Cast & More Updates

Through the years, Rom-com Korean dramas have never failed to make us laugh, cry, and feel so in love. The blend of romantic and comedic emotions is just perfect to bring out countless laughs and butterflies in our stomachs.

Korean screens have always astonished viewers with many quality works of all different genres. Among them, rom-com series has always been considered an indispensable speciality of the Korean screen. The harmony of sweet stories with funny and exciting details has a certain indescribable charm that we simply cannot resist.

Exciting buzz in K-drama land! Brace yourselves as Jung So-min, featuring a woman who is trying to reboot her troubled life, might sprinkle her magic in a new rom-com drama titled ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’. The series revolves around the story of a woman who tries to make something out of her miserable life after quitting a highly reputed job. She will meet her mother’s friend’s son and unravel new aspects of life. The lovey-dovey romance with lightness and fluff takes us by surprise with its emotional intensity.


The drama revolves around the story of a woman, Bae Seok-ryu (Jung So-min). During her school days, Bae Seok-ryu never missed the first ranking in academics and has never experienced failure since childhood. She is a young, passionate, and energetic soul. After graduating from University, Seok-ryu was hired by a large company as a project manager. Even though she worked hard, for some reasons she quit her job following a certain incident. She has been unemployed since then and is struggling to reboot her rollercoaster life.

She crosses paths with Choi Seung-hyo (Jung Hae-in), a rising star in the Korean architectural industry and the son of Bae Seok-ryu’s mother’s friend. Choi Seung-hyo has a seemingly flawless personality and impressive talents, and his life is shadowed by the enigmatic Bae Seok-ryu. When they were 4 years old, their moms became friends, and because of their moms, Choi Seung-hyo and Bae Seok-ryu spent a lot of time together. Now, Choi Seung-hyo meets Bae Seok-ryu as an adult.

Mom's Friend's Son
Jung Hae-in. Credit: Pinterest


The popularity of this K-drama is mainly due to its star-studded ensemble. The heartthrob Jung Hae-in is eyeing the role of Choi Seung-hyo. Jung Hae-in is gearing up for a dazzling return to TVN’s much-anticipated romantic comedy that promises to deliver a captivating blend of romance, comedy, and self-discovery.

Despite nearly a decade in the industry since Jung Hae-in’s debut, the actor has not explored the world of lighthearted and sweet romantic comedies until now. The drama marks Hung Hae-in’s debut in the romantic comedy genre, giving fans a chance to see the actor in a completely different setting.

On October 2, it was reported that Jung Hae-in had been cast in the romantic comedy K-drama ‘Some and Shopping’, and now it is being reported that the actor has declined the lead role in the show and won’t be starring in it.

Hold your breath. The queen of emotions, Jung So-min, is considering the role of Bae Seok-ryu. The most talented Hallyu star has been consistent through the years, exploring the extremes of her acting skills. She has a popular social media profile with 3 million followers on Instagram (somin_jj).

Mom's Friend's Son
Jung So-min. Credit: Pinterest

The collaboration between these two talented actors and creators already has fans buzzing with anticipation.

Release Date

Lights, camera, action! The production squad is ready to roll soon. ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’ is poised to grace television screens with a tale that not only tugs at the heartstrings but also provides moments of reflection and laughter. Scheduled to commence filming in the first half of this year, the drama is slated to premiere next year. The official release date of the drama is soon to be announced; however, the drama will subsequently be broadcast in the second half of 2024.

Where to Watch?

The drama depicts the story of a woman who attempts to reset her life after living with a dark past. The heartwarming drama will be broadcast on TVN in South Korea.

Who is the Director and Writer of the K-drama ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’? 

‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’ is a fresh romantic comedy project helmed by brilliant popular South Korean director Yoo Je-won and penned by maestro writer Shin Ha-eun. The writer-director combo was also behind popular projects, including the popular Korean rom-com and slice-of-life drama ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘. Director Yoo Je-won is known for his projects, including ‘Crash Course in Romance‘, ‘Hi Bye, Mama!‘, ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’, and ‘The King: Eternal Monarch‘. ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’ promises laughter, tears, and probably a few heart flutters, and it’s about to sprinkle some stardust on your screens.









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