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11 New Amazing Korean Dramas to Watch in May 2024

Incredible Korean Dramas to Binge-watch in May 2024

As May unfolds, romance is a popular theme in May’s upcoming K-dramas. With a diverse range of genres and enthralling storylines, the Korean entertainment industry continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

As we enter the vibrant month of May, a fresh wave of captivating Korean drama releases awaits Korean drama enthusiasts. The unique storylines and richly developed characters in K-dramas captivate global audiences and propel their influence on the entertainment industry.

There are a bunch of Korean dramas set to premiere in every genre, from crime mysteries, enchanting romantic comedy melodrama series, and adorable period dramas to psychological thrillers and dark comedy series. Here are some new K-dramas premiering in May to check out:

Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Go Kyung-pyo and Kang Han-na. It premiered on JTBC on May 1, 2024, and airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 20:50 (KST). 

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The comedy melodrama tells the story of Song Ki-baek (Go Kyung-pyo), a 33-year-old polite, well-mannered, and successful television announcer. One day, he suddenly gets affected by a condition that causes him to speak without thinking, wreaking havoc on his work life.

Meanwhile, On Woo-ju (Kang Han-na), who works as a writer for a TV show, becomes fascinated by Ki-baek’s sudden change and his harsh language. She invites him to appear on her show, and the two begin to work together.

The Atypical Family

The Atypical Family is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Jang Ki yongChun Woo-hee, Go Doo-shim, and Claudia Kim. It is scheduled to premiere on JTBC on May 4, 2024, and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).

The fantasy romance drama tells the story of Bok Gwi-joo (Jang Ki-yong), who belongs to a very special family, where each member has a different supernatural power. This allows him to travel back to happy moments in his past, but he starts to lose this power when he becomes depressed. Like him, his family members also begin to lose their powers because of modern-day problems and health issues.

The family is later involved with the mysterious character Do Dae-hae (Chun Woo-hee), who boasts powers of her own. She starts to make things change.

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The Brave Yong Soo-jung

The Brave Yong Soo-jung is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Uhm Hyun-kyung in the title role, along with Seo Jun-young, Kwon Hwa-woon, and Lim Ju-eun. It is scheduled to premiere on MBC TV on May 6, 2024, and will air every Monday to Friday at 19:05 (KST).

The fresh romantic revenge drama weaves the tale of Yong Soo-jung (Uhm Hyun-kyung), a strong woman with a dream of becoming a successful modern-day business magnate.

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Another character, Yeo Eui-joo (Seo Jun-young), is a young man facing a life-threatening illness. Eui-joo struggles to protect his mentally disabled mother. One day, he discovers that he is the second grandson of the Masung Group and is stunned by the news. He soon gets involved with Yong Soo-jung.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Jung Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-joon. It is scheduled to premiere on TVN on May 11, 2024, and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 21:20 (KST).

The much-awaited romantic melo-drama tells the age-gap romance story of Seo Hye-jin (Jung Ryeo-won), who works as an instructor in Daechi-dong, an area in Gangnam famous for its competitive after-school academies.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon), Hye-jin’s former student, returns to the academy after quitting his job at a big corporate company because of his lingering feelings for his first love. Jun-ho is now a rookie instructor working with Hye-jin.

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Crash is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Lee Min-ki, Kwak Sun-young, Heo Sung-tae, Lee Ho-chul, and Moon Hee. It is scheduled to premiere on ENA on May 13, 2024, and will air every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST).

The crime investigation drama is about a Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team that tracks crimes that occur on the road. Policeman Cha Yeon-ho (Lee Min-ki) gets transferred to that team. Despite his ability to simulate accident scenes, he lacks social skills, which affects his career progression.

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Yeon-ho starts working with the team founder Jeong Chae-man (Heo Sung-tae), the chief of TCI Min So-hee (Kwak Sun-young), and automobile specialist Woo Dong-gi (Lee Ho-chul), and together they investigate traffic crimes.

Dare to Love Me

Dare to Love Me is an upcoming South Korean television series based on the Naver Webtoon of the same name by Sun Woo, starring Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yoo-young. It is scheduled to premiere on KBS2 on May 13, 2024, and will air every Monday and Tuesday at 22:10 (KST).

The romantic comedy series follows the life of a young man, Shin Yoon-bok (Kim Myung-soo), who lives in Seongsan village in the era of Joseon dynastic rule. He moves to Seoul with the dream of becoming a webcomics writer.

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Yoon-bok’s journey takes a significant turn when he encounters Kim Hong-do (Lee Yoo-young) in Seoul, a designer working for an apparel company on a temporary contract. She is ambitious and hard-working, and even though her efforts are never recognised, she never gives up on her dream. They both develop feelings for each other.

Uncle Samsik

Uncle Samsik is an upcoming South Korean period drama television series starring Song Kang-ho, Byun Yo-han, Lee Kyu-hyung, Jin Ki-joo, and Seo Hyun-woo. It is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Disney+ on May 15, 2024.

Set in the early 1960s, the story depicts the friendship of Samsik (Song Kang-ho) and Kim San (Byun Yo-han). Kim San graduated from the Korean military academy and then went to the United States to study economics. He returns to South Korea with a dream to help turn the country into an industrial nation.

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Samsik crosses paths with Kim San, who is an aspiring and idealistic person who dreams of modernising the nation. Kim San is a graduate of the Korean Military Academy. Together, the pair ally to solve the political chaos.

The 8 Show

The 8 Show is an upcoming South Korean thriller dark comedy television series starring Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jeong-min, Lee Yul-eum, Park Hae-joon, Lee Zoo-young, Moon Jeong-hee, and Bae Seong-woo. It is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Netflix on May 17, 2024.

The drama depicts the story of eight people participating in a reality television programme in which they have to stay at a studio that consists of nothing but concrete walls. If they survive for a hundred days, they will win the prize money of 44.8 billion Won.

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However, the money they spend on their necessities like food, water, and electricity will be deducted from their prize money. Towards the end of the show, an unexpected death occurs, and it turns their lives upside down.

Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hye-young, Kim Nam-hee, and Yeonwoo. It is scheduled to premiere on MBC TV on May 24, 2024, and will air every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST).

The thriller-dark comedy-drama follows the story of Noh Young-won (Kim Hee-sun), a successful family psychological counsellor who lives a perfect life. She is married to Choi Jae-jin (Kim Nam-hee), a caring doctor.

Young-won faces struggles from her mother-in-law, Hong Sa-gang (Lee Hye-young), who is a famous mystery novel author. She has affection only for her son, not for Young-won. One day, Noh Young-won finds herself involved in an unexpected incident that poses a threat to her family. Young-won and Sa-gang reconcile to protect their family.

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Connection is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Jeon Mi-do, Kwon Yul, and Kim Kyung-nam. It is scheduled to premiere on SBS TV on May 24, 2024, and will air every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 (KST).

The psychological crime thriller drama tells the story of Jang Jae-kyung (Ji Sung), an efficient detective on the drug crimes task force at Anhyeon Police Station. He finds out about a local network of corruption following the sudden death of his high school friend, who leaves behind 5 billion won of insurance money.

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A local news reporter, Oh Yun-jin (Jeon Mi-do), who was unfairly fired from her reporter job, now focuses on corruption-related chaos. Yun-jin soon joins Jae-kyung to help diminish the corruption in the country.

Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella

Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella is an upcoming South Korean romantic comedy television series starring Pyo Ye-jin and Lee Jun-young. It is scheduled for release on TVING in May 2024.

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Moon Cha-min (Lee Jun-young) is the CEO of a social club and the son of a rich conglomerate family. Cha-min has an arrogant personality and doesn’t believe in love. Meanwhile, Shin Jae-rim (Pyo Ye-jin) is hired as the manager of Cha-min’s social club.

Jae-rim, who grew up in poverty, wishes to find her prince charming and escape her financial situation. Despite their opposing personalities, Cha-min and Jae-rim begin to form a romantic relationship.

















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