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YoonA of Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment Renewed Their Contract For The 3rd Time

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and SM Entertainment Renewed Their Contract for The Third Time, Ensuring Their Journey Together

YoonA, a member of the famous South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation/SNSD, renewed her contract for the third time with SM Entertainment. “We have decided to renew the exclusive contract based on the deep trust we have with Lim Yoon-a,” said SM Entertainment on Thursday. OSEN broke the latest news about the contract renewal.

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Apart from being a member of the Girls’ Generation, she is a talented actress and a solo performer. As the current contract between the agency and YoonA has expired, both parties have decided to stay in cooperation with each other. Based on the contract renewal, SM Entertainment expressed their strong support for the artist for the coming years. She and SM Entertainment are grateful for the support they got from fans, and together, they look forward to fans’ continued love and support.

17 Steadfast Years of Oneness

YoonA’s contract with the agency began in 2007, the year she officially debuted in the entertainment industry. She worked with the agency for 17 years, and now she has renewed her contract with the same agency, giving high hopes for the fans.

After getting selected as a trainee in 2002, she took her first step as a K-pop idol. The SM Saturday Open Casting Audition opened the door to becoming a K-pop idol in front of her. Under SM Entertainment, she trained in dance, singing and acting for five years before making her debut. In the group, she serves as the ‘center’.

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With the single ‘Into the New World’, the group Girls’ Generation debuted on 5 August 2007. The other members of the group are Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun. Till 2014, idol Jessica was also a member, but in September she left the group. The girls, through their performances, secured a seat in people’s hearts and won the nickname “The Nation’s Girl Group”.

YoonA’s Career as an Actress

As an actress, she has acted in multiple K-dramas and movies in various genres. She debuted her acting career through the television series ‘Two Outs in the Ninth Inning’ by playing a minor role. Later, her skills for action gained fame, giving her roles in famous K-dramas like ‘Love Rain’, ‘Prime Minister & I’, ‘The King in Love’, ‘Hush’, ‘Big Mouth‘, and ‘King the Land’. Also, she acted in movies like ‘Confidential Assignment’, ‘Exit‘, and ‘Confidential Assignment 2’.

K-pop’s Multi-talented Girl: Im Yoon-ah

YoonA’s lively activities in the Korean entertainment industry expanded her career as an artist, though her group Girls’ Generation dropped few and far between contents. She showed her versatility as an artist by serving the roles of a talented actress, MC, singer and dancer.

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2023 was an eventful year for her. She starred in ‘King the Land’ after the famous drama ‘Big Mouth’ (2022). Also, she anchored the MBC Music Festival.

YoonA has great plans for 2024. She will start her fan signing tour on 6 January, ‘YOONA FAN MEETING TOUR: YOONITE’. Furthermore, she steps into her 18th year of collaboration with SM Entertainment.

Check out the latest updates from her on her official Instagram ID, @yoona__lim.

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