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32-Year-Old Park Hyung-sik Opened His Heart About His Wish To Meet Indian Fans

Park Hyung-sik’s Interview with, Revealed His Wish to Meet Indian Fans

Park Hyung-sik is a famous actor from South Korea who has a huge fan base in Korea and India. Through his various roles in K-dramas like Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Suits, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Doctor Slump, and more, he conquered the hearts of fans. In addition to his acting skills, his humble and cheerful personality is well appreciated among fans.

In a recent interview with, Park Hyung-sik disclosed his dream to visit fans in India. In the interview hosted for ‘Doctor Slump’, he talked about his wish to meet Indian fans and become a part of Indian production. He passionately talked about his interest in being a part of India’s entertainment industry and about Indian food, especially tandoori chicken.

Park Hyung-sik
Credit: Pinterest

In ‘Doctor Slump’, Park Hyung-sik acted opposite Park Shin-hye. The drama was a romantic comedy entertainer written by Baek Seon-woo and directed by Oh Hyun-jong. It was coproduced by Han Suk-won and Hwang Gi-yong and streamed by JTBC. It has 16 episodes and was made available for international fans through Netflix.

‘Doctor Slump’ tells the story of young doctors who struggle in their walking lives. Fans received the drama with both hands, and they were happy to watch their favourite actors and actresses unite in the drama.

A Brief of Doctor Slump

Yeo Jeong-woo (Park Hyung-sik) was an ambitious student in his school days. His hard work and commitment to his studies made him a renowned plastic surgeon at a very young age. However, everything flipped on its head due to an unexpected medical accident. The accident put his life and career in trouble.

On the contrary, Nam Ha-Neul (Park Shin-hye) works as an anesthesiologist. During her school days, she was a brilliant student with excellent scores. Nonetheless, her life as an anesthesiologist is deprived of happiness and excitement. She has dedicated her life to date to studying and working.

Park Hyung-sik
Doctor slump. Credit: Pinterest

Both Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-Neul were rivals in their school days. When they cross paths again in their lives, they become each other’s greatest support and comfort.

The drama takes the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions and presents a joyful climax.

‘Doctor Slump’ highlights the importance of taking a break from the busy life and restarting one’s life in full excitement.

Park Shin-hye’s come back

‘Doctor Slump’ is the comeback drama of Park Shin-hye after a break of three years. The news of her appearance in the drama opposite Park Hyung-sik created a wave among the Hallyu fans. The last drama that Shin-hye and Hyung-sik were seen together was ‘The Heirs’, which was released in 2013. The drama had 20 episodes.

Park Hyung-sik
Park Shin-hye & Park Hyung-sik in Doctor Slump. Credit: Pinterest

After committing to ‘Doctor Slump’, Park Shin-hye revealed that she got the confidence to play the role of Nam Ha-Neul due to its relatability. In addition, the drama underlines the huddles that a person comes across in a relationship and the feeling of insecurity that buds in a relationship.

However, she opened up, saying that she felt a kind of panic after committing to the project since it was the first project after her hiatus. Her Instagram account is ssinz7.

Park Hyung-sik’s Reason for Committing Doctor Slump

Park Hyung-sik
Credit: Pinterest

On the flip side, Hyung-sik remarked that he committed to the project due to the concept of humanity in the story. Also, he said he was able to relate to the role of Yeo Jeong-woo easily due to the character’s cheerful personality, which is similar to his. Nonetheless, doing the role was not as easy for him as it appeared. Since Yeo Jeong-woo’s character included certain characteristics that Hyung-sik has to give life to in the drama.

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