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Castaway Diva: Overview, Cast, 5 Fun Facts & More

Overview of Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva is a story of hope and perseverance against all odds. Starring Park Eun-bin, Chae Jong-hyeop, and Kim Hyo-jin in lead roles, the South Korean series is directed by Oh Choong-hwan and written by Park Hye-ryun and Eun Yeol.

Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin) is a young woman who desires to become a starry-eyed singer and ends up being stranded on an isolated Korean island for the next 15 years when she travels to Seoul to pursue her dreams. The only aspect that kept her striving in the desert is her love for pop singer Yoon Ran-joo (Kim Hyo-jin) and her desire to reunite with her childhood saviour.

The core of the drama is Seo Mok-ha’s life after rescue from the island and how she overcomes the difficulties of re-entering society and forming new relations.


  • Drama: Castaway Diva
  • Director: Oh Chung-hwan
  • Writers: Park Hye-ryun, Eun Yeol
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: October 28 – December 3, 2023
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  • Park Eun-bin as Seo Mok-ha
    • Lee A-Rin as child Seo Mok-ha
    • Lee Re as young Seo Mok-ha
  • Kim Hyo-jin as Yoon Ran-joo
    • Han Da-in as child Yoon Ran-joo
    • Son Ye-rin as young Yoon Ran-joo
  • Chae Jong-hyeop as Kang Bo-geol / Jung Ki-ho
    • Moon Woo-jin as young Kang Bo-geol / young Jung Ki-ho
  • Cha Hak-yeon as Kang Woo-hak / Jung Chae-ho
    • Kang Tae-ung as young Kang Woo-hak / Jung Chae-ho


  • Seo Jeong-yeon as Song Ha-jeong / Yang Jae-kyung
  • Lee Joong-ok as Kang Sang-du / Lee Uk
  • Kim Joo-hun as Lee Seo-joon
  • Bae Gang-hee as Eun Mo-rae
  • Shin Joo-hyup as Park Yong-gwan
  • Kim Bo-jung as Hong Yeon-kyung
  • Yoon Jeong-hoon as Ahn Dong-min
  • Lee Seung-joon as Jung Bong-wan
  • Kim Min-seok as Han Dae-woong
  • Oh Kyung-hwa as Moon Young-ju
  • Lee Yoo-joon as Seo Jeong-ho
  • Song Kyung-cheol as Hwang Byung-gak
    • Kim Min-soo as young Hwang Byung-gak
  • Moon Sook as Go San-hee
  • Kang Myung-joo as bar owner
  • Oh Ji-hye as Dr. Kim
  • Oh Eui-sik as reporter Bong Du-hyeon (episodes 10-11)
  • Park Mi-sook as Cha Mi-hye
  • A popular stylist who worked with Yoon Ran-joo and Eun Mo-rae


Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin) is an ambitious girl who lives on Chunsam Island. She dreams of becoming a popular singer. Jung Ki-ho (Chae Jong-hyeop) is Mok-ha’s middle school classmate. Both Mok-ha and Ki-ho grew up in abusive homes. Ki-ho is adept in videography and editing; Mok-Ha, who wants to be noticed by idols, asks for his help in filming and editing her videos.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Park Eun-bin as Seo Mok-ha in “Castaway Diva” (2023). Credit: Pinterest

She wins the UCC competition and becomes eligible to go to Seoul for an audition. However, going to Seoul seems impossible, so Mok-ha decides to give up. Mok-ha’s father used to abuse her, and Ki-ho, who knows that she is also suffering from domestic abuse, tells her that he will take her off the island.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Cha Hak-yeon as Kang Woo-hak in ‘Castaway Diva’ (2023). Credit: Pinterest

One day, unfortunately, Mok-ha’s father finds them as they are about to board a ship. Ki-ho tries to stop him, but he beats him and boards the ship to find her. Mok-ha jumps into the water when her father approaches her. Mok-ha’s father jumps in to save her, but he unfortunately drowns. Following this incident, she ends up helpless on an unknown island for 15 years. Mok-ha somehow survives there alone.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Still from ‘Castaway Diva’ (2023). Credit: Pinterest

After Mok-ha’s disappearance, Ki-ho demolishes his family business and files a case against his father for domestic violence. Ki-ho’s father, Jung Bong-wan (Lee Seung-joon), is a policeman, and he is fired from his job as part of the case. Later, Bong-wan went to Seoul to search for Ki-ho, who had disappeared from Chunsam Island.

Mok-ha’s Rescue from the Island

Two brothers are introduced: Kang Bo-geol (Chae Jong-hyeop) and Kang Woo-hak (Cha Hak-yeon). Bo-geol is a producer at YGN’s entertainment department, and Woo-hak is a reporter at YGN News.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Chae Jong-hyeop as Kang Bo-geol / Jung Ki-ho in “Castaway Diva” (2023). Credit: Pinterest

One day, Bo-geol and Woo-hak go on a beach cleanup, and after arriving on the small island, Bo-geol flies a drone. Mok-ha spots the drone and chases it, causing the drone to crash. Bo-geol and Mok-ha meet, and she breaks down and hugs him, as she hasn’t seen another human being in fifteen years.

They take Mok-ha back to the mainland, and it is revealed that the small island was 55 kilometres away from where the incident took place. Mok-ha is back on Chunsam Island and finds out that her house is now occupied by a father and son. The father-son duo wants to evict her. She only wants to inquire about Ki-ho’s whereabouts.

Later, she tries to meet Yoon Ran-joo (Kim Hyo-jin), hoping to meet Ki-ho in the process. Yoon Ran-joo is a gorgeous top star and diva that Mok-ha admires. Mok-ha finally meets Ran-joo during a music concert. Ran-joo has become a washed-up singer who is ignored by her agency.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Kim Hyo-jin as Yoon Ran-joo in “Castaway Diva” (2023). Credit: Pinterest

During the music concert, Ran-joo is about to give a disastrous performance, but Mok-ha starts singing in the background, making that a grand performance. Ran-joo and Mok-ha became partners, deciding to work together for mutual benefit. If Ran-joo can sell enough records, she will get half the shares of RJ Entertainment. Once Ran-joo achieves this, Mok-ha will be able to debut as a singer with the agency.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Still from ‘Castaway Diva’ (2023). Credit: Pinterest

One day, Mok-ha overhears a conversation between Bo-geol and Woo-hak in which Bo-geol says that he was Ki-ho all along and his family had to change their identity to escape from his abusive father Bong-wan. They kept it a secret from Woo-hak because he had lost his memory long ago when his father almost beat him to death.

Woo-hak and Bo-geol’s adoptive father, Lee Uk, wishes to start a new life with Woo-hak and Bo-geol’s mother, Yang Jae-kyung (Seo Jeong-yeon). Bong-wan attempts to kill Lee Uk, as he can’t lose his family. Bong-wan commits suicide, trying to kill Lee Uk, but Lee UK survives and soon registers his marriage with Jae-kyung.

Mok-ha’s Song Tops the Charts

Eun Mo-rae (Bae Gang-hee) works with Ran-joo and Mok-ha, and she is a popular singer under RJ Entertainment. Mo-rae’s song hits the charts following Mok-ha’s spectacular performance at a festival. Mok-ha’s song became the most awarded music of the year.

kdramalive image of 'Castaway Diva'
Park Eun-bin as Seo Mok-ha in “Castaway Diva” (2023). Credit: Pinterest

Ending Explained

Mok-ha is leading a happy life with her family. Bo-geol’s brother, Woo-hak, also has feelings for Mok-ha. However, he has gotten over his feelings for Mok-ha after realising how deep Bo-geol’s feelings are.


Korean dramas mostly focus on love stories, whereas ‘Castaway Diva’ focuses on the dreams, struggles, and character development of the lead protagonist.

The scene where young Jung Ki-ho is being beaten up by his father is triggering, making the audience irritated and angry. This drama gives viewers a clear-cut vision of what it’s like to be in an abusive household.

When Mok-ha calls the police about the abuse from her father, they do nothing to protect her, thus showing how society tries to protect abusers. Fate is beautifully portrayed through Seo Mok-ha and Jung Ki-ho’s relationship. The drama emphasises second chances in life. Mok-ha’s survival and her persistent efforts over 15 years create a beautiful narration of love and destiny.

With a symphony of emotion, the drama leaves an indelible mark, reminding the viewers that dreams, no matter how challenging, are achievable with belief, fate, and perseverance.


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Interesting Facts about Castaway Diva

  1. The drama brings in many elements from the music industry.
  2. ‘Castaway Diva’ takes over TVN’s Saturday and Sunday 21:20 time slots previously occupied by the 2023 K-drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun’.
  3. The series marked the third collaboration between director Oh Choong-hwan and screenwriter Park Hye-ryun.
  4. The series finished its filming on October 30, 2023, and an after-party was held at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul, on November 2.
  5. ‘Castaway Diva’ beautifully portrays the greenery, the waterside, and the simple lifestyle.


  1. Who are the writer and director of ‘Castaway Diva’?
    The drama is written by Park Hye-ryun and directed by Oh Chung-hwan.
  2. What is the genre of ‘Castaway Diva’?
    The drama falls into the romantic comedy genre. 
  3. How many episodes are in ‘Castaway Diva’?
    The drama has concluded a successful 12-episode run.
  4. Is the K-drama ‘Castaway Diva’ worth watching?
    The drama is a tale of dreams, hope, and resilience that is intriguingly and dramatically presented. ‘Castaway Diva’ is a must-watch with an emphasis on second chances.
  5. What is the Instagram ID of Park Eun-bin?
    eunbining0904 is the Instagram ID of Park Eun-bin.
  6. What is the Instagram ID of Kim Hyo-jin?

    hyojin__0705 is the Instagram ID of Kim Hyo-jin.

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