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Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo Lead in the 2024 Captivating Historical Drama ‘Tale of Mrs. Ok’

Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo to Stage the Canvas of a New Historical Drama

Are upcoming dramas something you’re enthusiastic about? Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo will be co-starring in a new historical drama, ‘Tale of Mrs. Ok’.

On 6 December 2023, JTBC announced Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo as the main leads in an upcoming historical drama set in the Joseon period. She will portray the character Goo Deok, while he will play Song Soo, the son of the Song family.

The drama is scheduled to be released in 2024 titled ‘Tale of Mrs. Ok,’ is set in the Joseon period and weaves a powerful narrative of the untold stories of survival—specifically, the survival of a female slave during that era.

A Glimpse into the ‘Tale of Mrs. Ok’

Lim Ji-yeon is taking on the role of Ok Tae, a smart legal expert with an excellent work ethic. Everyone loves her, as she never fails to help those in need. The mystery of survival lies in her concealed identity and who she claims to be.

Cheon Seung Whee is a storyteller in the drama who travels the country, covering his face with a veil. Upon encountering Lim Ji-yeon, he falls in love with her. Determined to be with her, he risks his life to save her. He experiences a transformation after meeting her.

Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo.
Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo. Credit: Pinterest

The drama focuses on the experiences and challenges faced by a female slave during the Joseon Dynasty. It explores a woman’s resilience, perseverance, and efforts to survive in a society marked by social hierarchies. The narrative delves into the historical context, societal norms, cultural practices, and power structures prevalent during Korean history.

The historical drama narrates the captivating tales of the survival and triumph of a female slave during the Joseon Dynasty. In her journey, she skillfully crafts a false identity, alters her social standing, and even forges her marital connections.

Who is Lim Ji-yeon?

Ji-yeon is a South Korean actress known for portraying versatile characters in various short films and plays. She made her debut with the movie ‘Obsessed’ (2014) and gained fame through the series ‘High Society’. She captivated the hearts of millions with her role in ‘The Glory‘.

With the rising popularity among global audiences, Ji-yeon has won numerous awards for unique and captivating stellar performances. She stole the audience with her significant roles in ‘The Glory’ and ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden‘.

Lim Ji-yeon
Credit: Pinterest

She rose to international acclaim in 2022 for her role as a bully, Park Yeon-jin, in the hit Netflix K-drama ‘The Glory’. She garnered attention to her romantic relationship with Lee Do-hyun, a fellow actor in ‘The Glory’. She is notable for her roles in dramas like ‘Lies Hidden In My Garden‘ and ‘The Killing Vote.’

She has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

Who is Choo Young-woo?

Choo Young-woo is a South Korean actor who made his debut in the boys’ love web series ‘You Make Me Dance’. He rose to prominence on the small screen, displaying his artistic talent in dramas such as ‘School 2021,’ ‘Once Upon a Small Town,’ and ‘Oasis.’

He debuted in 2021 through the web drama ‘You Make Me Dance’ and has quickly risen as a notable small-screen actor in South Korea.

According to reports by Sports DongA, Choo Young-woo has been offered the lead role and is negotiating with the production team.

If you have watched ‘The Glory’ and are a fan of the actress, stay in the loop for the latest updates. Dial up the excitement for the emotional rollercoaster of the new historical drama, ‘Tale of Mrs. Ok’.

Anticipate the collaborative synergy between Lim Ji-yeon and Choo Young-woo as they join forces in the latest Joseon period drama.

Credit: Pinterest



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