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3 Best Kim Soo-hyun Television Series to Watch

3 Iconic K-Dramas Starring Kim Soo-hyun Which Are Worthy of a Binge-Watch

Are you in the mood to laugh out loud this weekend, or do you need some series to binge-watch? Korean dramas are the best picks. From engaging stories and captivating visuals to character-driven screenplays, several aspects make South Korean dramas stand out. Romantic comedy is the genre that will keep viewers yearning for more.

Brilliant cast, comic timing, extravagant storylines, and plot twists warm your heart, make you laugh out loud, and rejoice your tired soul. When discussing the most attention-grabbing faces in K-drama, actor Kim Soo-hyun stands out at the forefront of nearly everyone’s favourite actor list. He has an active Instagram profile soohyun_k216 with 15 million followers.

A Glimpse of Kim Soo-hyun’s Promising Acting Career

Kim Soo-hyun was born on February 16, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. Since his debut on the South Korean sitcom ‘Kimchi Cheese Smile’ in 2007, he has established himself as a prominent actor in the South Korean entertainment industry.

He is one of the brightest stars in East Asia and became a household name in South Korea in 2011, playing a country bumpkin who turned out to be a musical genius in the teenage drama ‘Dream High’.

Kim Soo-hyun
Credit: Pinterest

From playing a musical genius to an ageless alien and a caregiver in a psychiatric ward, he has showcased his versatility across genres. One of the most popular and sought-after actors, he adorns the crown of King of Commercials and is one of the highest-paid and commercially valued actors in South Korea.

This Beaksang Arts Awards winner has starred in some of the most cult classic K-dramas, like Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), with a viewership that became a milestone in South Korea. The three best romantic comedy K-dramas that elaborately serve a platter of romance with a side of an exceptional comical plot are listed below:

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a 2020 popular South Korean drama written by Jo Yong and directed by Park Shin-woo. The drama received eight nominations at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. It is Kim Soo-hyun’s latest Korean drama after completing his military service.

 Kim Soo-hyun
Kim Soo-hyun & Seo Yea-ji in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” (2020). Credit: Pinterest

The series follows the lives of two individuals: Ko Moon-young (Seo Yea-ji), a children’s book author with antisocial personality disorder, and orphaned care-taker Moon Gang-tae (Soo-hyun), who works at OK Psychiatric Hospital. The two cross paths and find love in each other.

My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star is a 2013 romantic fantasy series written by impeccable writer Park Ji-eun and directed by Jang Tae-yoo. Laced with heart-fluttering romance and creative storytelling, the drama received several accolades, including nine nominations at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Kim Soo-hyun
Jun Ji-hyun & Kim Soo-hyun in “My Love from the Star” (2013). Credit: Pinterest

The series tells the story of an extraterrestrial alien named Do Min-joon (Soo-hyun), who landed in South Korea in 1609 during the Joseon Dynasty. 400 years later, he falls in love with a determined yet dramatic Hallyu actress, Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun), who turns out to be his neighbour.

Queen of Tears

Queen of Tears is a recent South Korean television series written by Park Ji-eun and co-directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won. The drama ranked seventh in Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) category after two days of its release.

Kim Soo-hyun
Kim Ji-won & Kim Soo-hyun in “Queen of Tears” (2024). Credit: Pinterest

The series follows the story of a married couple, chaebol heiress Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won) and Baek Hyun-woo (Soo-hyun), the son of farmers from a village. The couple faces a crisis in their third year of marriage, which leaves them on the verge of divorce. However, they slowly work on their misunderstandings and issues to rediscover their love for each other.




















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