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Aria Becomes Second Astounding Indian K-pop Idol at 20

Singer Aria Becomes Second Indian K-pop Idol at 20 After Sriya Lenka From Odisha

K-pop has become a synonym for music after South Korea became the top music country in the world. With this emerging popularity of the Korean wave, artists from worldwide, especially Indian singers aspire to be a part of this wonderful community. Singer Aria becomes the most recent foreigner to be part of the K-pop band X:IN.

She is the second singer from India into the K-pop industry after BLACKSWAN’s Sriya Lenka from Odisha, India. She is the youngest member of the group X:IN as a vocalist and was a member of MEP-C, an upcoming girl group that was formed through the Universe training platform. She works under Escrow Entertainment.

Aria from X:IN. Credit: Pinterest

Aria was born as Gauthami on 12 March 2003 in Kerala, India. She, who started her career as a child actor in the 2011 South Indian film, ‘Melvilasom’, speaks Korean, English, Malayalam and Hindi. In 2013, she played the role of Arun’s daughter in the Malayalam drama thriller film, ‘Thank You’, directed by V. K. Prakash.

She joined GBK Entertainment and became a trainee on their online training platform, Universe with the name Ami. She took up the name in November 2022. Although Aria planned to make her debut with MEP-C, she announced her membership with the group X:IN in early 2023. Her Instagram account handle is

X:IN Pop Group

X:IN is a 5 member South Korean girl group under ESCROW Entertainment. The members of this group are E.Sha, Nizz, Nova, Hannah, and Aria. On April 5, 2023, X:in’s official Twitter account revealed its schedule for its debut digital single, ‘Keeping the Fire’, which was released on April 11.

On 12 March 2023, the group released their pre-debut single, ‘Who Am I’. On 11 April 2023, X:IN debuted with the album, ‘KEEPING THE FIRE’. The official Instagram page of X:IN is @x.in_official, the Youtube account is @X:IN and the Twitter account name is  @x.in_official.

Girl Group X:IN. Credit: Pinterest

Escrow Entertainment

It is a South Korean record label and entertainment agency founded in 2023 by Jeong Yeon. The official Instagram account name of Escrow Entertainment is escrow_ent_official.

 Aria Becomes Second Astounding Indian K-pop Idol at 20

On 7 June 2023, Escrow Entertainment announced that Chi.u had left the group due to personal circumstances and its K-pop group would continue with four members. The next day they announced that Roa had left the group and two new members Nizz and Hannah would be added to the group X:IN.

Sriya Lenka

Sriya Lenka was the first Indian to become a K-pop star at the age of 18 in 2021. She was born on 15 September 2003 in Odisha, India. Since childhood, Sriya had a passion for music and her grandmother sent her to learn Hindustani music. Her love for western music led her to watch music online. She was trained in freestyle, hip-hop and contemporary dances. She received support from her parents for her passion. According to her parents, Sriya was always a hard-working and focused girl.

Gorgeous Aria Becomes Second Indian K-pop Idol at 20
Sriya Lenka: First Indian to Join K-pop Industry. Credit: Pinterest

With the help of her friend, Sriya applied for a K-pop audition online but failed. She applied for DR Music’s global auditions for the K-pop girl group, BLACKSWAN and became the fifth member in 2021.


It is a South Korea-based multinational girl group formed by DR Music. The group consists of five members Fatous, Gabi, Sriya, NVee and Leia as of 2023.

In 2011, they originally debuted under the name Rania with ‘Teddy Riley, the First Expansion in Asia’. The group rebranded as BP Rania in December 2016 and released two episodes, ‘Start a Fire and Refresh 7th’. In 2018, the group returned to promoting Rania before rebranding as Blackswan in October 2020 with the album ‘Goodbye Rania’.

 Aria Becomes Second Astounding Indian K-pop Idol at 20
Blackswan K-pop Group. Credit: Pinterest

Although the group was originally set to debut in 2010, its record company DRMusic selected to rebrand it as a new group Rania with eight members Saem, Lucy, Sarah, Riko, Joy, Di, T-ae, and Xia. In 2011, Sarah decided to leave the group and the company debuted with another member, Yijo.

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