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Romance Is a Bonus Book: Overview, Cast, 3 Fun Facts & More

Overview of Romance Is a Bonus Book

‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ is a romantic comedy in which Lee Na-young and Lee Jong-suk are the stars. The South Korean television series was released in 2019. It was broadcast on tvN from January 26 to March 17, 2019.

The story involves a talented author who is the publishing company’s youngest editor-in-chief and becomes involved in the life of a former copywriter who is in need of employment.


  • Drama: Romance Is a Bonus Book
  • Genres: Business Comedy, Romance, Melodrama
  • Director: Lee Jeong-hyo
  • Writer: Jung Hyun-jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 26 – March 17, 2019
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Main Cast

  • Lee Na-young – Kang Dan-i
  • Lee Jong-suk – Cha Eun-ho
  • Jung Yoo-jin – Song Hae-rin
  • Wi Ha-joon – Ji Seo-joon

People at the publishing company

  • Kim Tae-woo – CEO Kim Jae-min
  • Kim Yoo-mi – Director Go Yoo-sun
  • Jo Han-chul – Bong Ji-hong
  • Kim Sun-young – Seo Young-ah
  • Kang Ki-doong – Park Hoon
  • Park Gyu-young – Oh Ji-yool,
  • Lee Kwan-hoon – Lee Seung-jin
  • Choi Seung-yoon – Bae Kwang-soo
  • Lee Ha-eun – Chae Song-ee


Kang Dan-i and Cha Eun-ho are the primary protagonists. When they were young, they only happened to meet. When Dan-i noticed that Eun-ho was about to be hit by a car while crossing the street to retrieve his soccer ball, she rushed street to save him. She was struck by the car instead. Her entire body was broken, and it took a long time for her to heal. This led to Eun-ho visiting her every day in the hospital and giving her books, which is how their friendship and shared passion for reading started.

Cha Eun-ho (played by Lee Jong-suk) arrives at Dan-i’s wedding at the beginning of the television show. She is 26 years old at this point, whereas Eun-ho is only 21. We get the impression that he doesn’t want her to get married, and later on, Dan-i’s marriage is revealed to be uncertain as well. The plot then jumps ahead around 11 years.

Eun-ho is currently a well-respected chief editor at a small publishing business. He is also a well-known writer. He doesn’t have any committed relationships with women, but he does live alone in a well-embellished house and drives a luxury car.

kdramalive Image from Romance Is a Bonus Book
Lee Jong-suk as Cha Eun-ho and Lee Na-young as Kang Dan-i in “Romance is a Bonus Book” (2019). Credit: Pinterest

In fact, he cheats on women or ends relationships with them, yet he never feels hurt by any of it. Dan-i’s life has been difficult in the interim. After staying at home for so many years as a wife and mother, she has been divorced for a year. All this happened because her dishonest husband cheated on her, she is homeless, and she is having trouble obtaining a suitable job. Dan-i is genuinely attempting to help her daughter financially as she is studying overseas in the Philippines.

Eun-ho is unaware of what is happening. Eun-ho agrees to take Dan-i in after learning about her situation. This marks the start of the series. Once it is established that he is actually in love with her and has been for years, the story moves forward with the two of them discussing their feelings for one another.

The comedy and love triangles in ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ are plenty, and absolutely everything about it is fantastic. How well-rounded the supporting characters are is one of the main things that keeps the audience watching the drama.

Each of the supporting players is complex. They are engaging and simple to relate to because they each face unique challenges in their personal and professional lives. With themes ranging from divorce and love to social pressures, new romance, employment difficulties, and having the fortitude to handle whatever life throws at you, this series sheds light on some of the most pressing problems an adult can encounter.

Reasons Why ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ is a Big Bonus for Everyone

‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ is not a usual love drama because of its lighthearted yet happy plot. The romantic K-drama pattern was not followed in the writing of the script. Any book enthusiast would like ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’. Nevertheless, even if the drama primarily discusses literature, it is still worth watching for everyone.

A Strong, Independent and Resourceful Female Lead

Despite still having to deal with the hardships of her recent divorce, including homelessness, Kang Dan-i summons all of her self-confidence to land a new job at Gyeoroo Publishing House. Even at her lowest, she is inventive, persistent, and optimistic, even visiting her old house that has been designated for demolition.

kdramalive Image from Romance is a Bonus Book
Lee Jong-suk as Cha Eun-ho and Lee Na-young as Kang Dan-i in “Romance is a Bonus Book” (2019). Credit: Pinterest

The adorable ‘childhood friends’ backstory, Kabg Dan-i is also cunning enough to covertly use Eun-ho, a childhood friend and coworker, to feed, bathe, and refuel herself. Dan-i has been the one actually cleaning Eun-ho’s -home. As payment, she has been eating and taking showers there. Eun-ho had assumed that a maid had been doing it.

The Adorable ‘Childhood Friends’ Backstory

Dan-i and Eun-ho were friends ever since they were little kids as Dan-i saved Eun-ho’s life in an accident. Even though he didn’t like her boyfriend, Eun-ho played the piano at her friend’s wedding for Dan-i’s happiness. He did that act not because he was in love with her and could not bear to see her with anyone else, but because he wanted her to be happy if she chose to be with anyone else. Funny enough, he also promised to be a willing participant if she decided to be a runaway bride.

Even though Dan-i is extremely resentful of everything, fate has brought them back together, therefore it stands to reason that they will end up in one other’s arms. Naturally, Eun-ho has now admitted to her that he loves her after years of keeping it a secret, which is another positive sign that things are headed on the right path.

LGBT+ Representation

One of the best lesbian couples in recent Korean dramas can be seen in ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’, and seeing this on television definitely means a lot to the LGBT+ community. We cannot help but commend the Netflix/tvN show for doing justice to the issue of representation.

kdramalive Image from Romance Is a Bonus Book
Lee Jong-suk as Cha Eun-ho and Lee Na-young as Kang Dan-i in “Romance is a Bonus Book” (2019). Credit: Pinterest

The Ending of ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ Explained

Does ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ have a happy ending? The narrative recounts the journey of two individuals who discover love in the most unlikely of circumstances. A young woman named Kang Dan-i was recently fired from her job. She is in severe need of a new employment as she is having financial difficulties. She is drawn to Cha Eun-ho right away when she meets him; he is a successful editor at a publishing house.

A man who is accustomed to receiving what he wants is Eun-ho. He is committed to winning Kang Da-ni over once he set his sight on her. Eun-ho, however, is keeping a secret from her that could end their friendship.

There are many highs and lows in Kang Da-ni and Eun-ho’s love journey. There are joyful and painful times in life. But, in the end, the question of whether ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ has a happy conclusion still stands.

kdramalive Image from Romance Is a Bonus book
Lee Jong-suk as Cha Eun-ho and Lee Na-young as Kang Dan-i in “Romance is a Bonus Book” (2019). Credit: Pinterest

In the series’ penultimate episode, Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk) and Kang Dan-i (Lee Na-young) formally declare their love for one another. The two protagonists, who have been through so much together, have a happy ending. They were close friends and coworkers who fell in love. They had a hard trek, but it was worth it.

Eun-ho and Dan-i’s story is happily concluded in ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’, the final instalment of the series. Dan-i spent some time with Seo-joon, giving him a little taste of Cinderella, but there was no lasting love. For a number of reasons, it was the ideal conclusion. After being adorable and having splendid chemistry, Dan-i and Eun-ho end up together. For people who prefer watching eye-catching and delicate romantic series, it is a perpetual option because it is worthwhile.


  • 2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards
    Best New Actor – Wi Ha-joon – Nominated
  • 21st Mnet Asian Music Awards
    Best OST – “Take My Hand” (Jannabi) – Nominated

Interesting Facts about Romance Is a Bonus Book

  1. The first script reading was held on October 26, 2018, with the attendance of the cast and crew.
  2. On January 21, 2019, a press conference was held to promote the series with the attendance of the lead cast.
  3. Lee Jong-suk finished filming his scenes for the series on February 27, 2019, due to his military service enlistment on March 8.


  1. Who are the lead roles in ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’?
    Lee Na-young and Lee Jong-suk.
  2. What kind of drama is ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book”?
    ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ is a Romantic Business Comedy.
  3. How many episodes are there?
    There are 16 episodes of ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’.
  4. In which year was it released?
    It was released in 2019.
  5. What is the Instagram ID of Lee Jong-suk?

    jongsuk0206 is the Instagram ID of Lee Jong-suk.

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