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Sana: Wiki, Career, Awards, 8 Fun Facts & More

Biography of Sana 

Sana Minatozaki, born on 29 December 1996, known popularly as Sana, is a Japanese singer based in South Korea. She is one of three Japanese members of the South Korean girl group TWICE, formed in 2015 by JYP Entertainment. She, an only child, was born in Tennji-ku, Osaka, Japan. Early on, she expressed her desire to pursue a career in singing and dancing and cited ‘Girls’ Generation’ as an influence. She speaks Korean and basic English in addition to her native Japanese.



She joined EXPG’s training programme in Osaka in 2009 with the intention of becoming a singer in Japan rather than South Korea. She was spotted by a JYP Entertainment (JYPE) employee during her middle school years in a mall and was invited to participate in the annual JYP Japan audition the next day.

She entered the JYPE trainee programme in April 2012 after passing the audition. Before making her professional debut with TWICE, she trained for more than three years. She was expected to join a brand-new JYPE female group at one point, but the concept was abandoned. She was a waitress in the Got7 song ‘A’ music video from 2014.

Sixteen, Twice, and Solo Activities

She took part in the reality TV programme ‘Sixteen’, which was created to find the members of TWICE’s band, in 2015. She was chosen as one of the nine finalists that would make up the new girl group out of the sixteen competitors. With the title track ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ from their first extended album ‘The Story Begins’, she made her formal TWICE debut in October 2015. She is well known for her vibrant and upbeat disposition.

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The highest-ranked Japanese person in the Gallup Korea annual music survey for 2018, she was chosen as the 17th most popular idol in South Korea. She has been honoured both domestically and internationally, and her popularity has been attributed to fostering better ties between Japan and South Korea. The highest-ranked Japanese person in the Gallup Korea annual music survey for 2018, she was chosen as the 17th most popular idol in South Korea.

In the 2019 Gallup Korea’s annual music poll, she ranked 15 in the rankings. She also came in first place among female K-pop idols in a 2019 poll of South Korean troops finishing their enlistment. After covering the 2020 single ‘Sotsugyou’ by the Japanese band Kobukuro, she became the first member of TWICE to release a solo single in February 2021. Through Warner Music Japan, the cover—which included an a cappella version, was made available as a digital single. In March 2021, she jointly released a track with Kobukuro, the Japanese band.


Sana is a Japanese singer in South Korea and one of the three Japanese members of the celebrated South Korean girl group Twice under JYP Entertainment. She is actively involved with her group activities and has won awards as a girl group and not individually.

In 2018 Gallup Korea’s annual music poll she was voted as the 17th most popular idol in South Korea and the highest-ranked Japanese individual in the poll. in 2019, she was ranked 15th in the same poll.



  • Juho – ‘Candy’ (2017)
  • K/DA – ‘I’ll Show You’


  • Digital Single – Sotsugyou (cover) 2021


Reality Shows

  • SIXTEEN (Mnet, 2015) – contestant
  • Project (Hulu, 2020) – judge

Music Video Appearances

  • GOT7 – ‘A’ (2014)
  • Junho – ‘Feel’ (2014)
  • J.Y Park – ‘Fire’ (2016)
  • Junho – ‘Instant Love’ (2017)
  • Kobukuro – ‘Sotsugyou’ (2021)

Personal Life

She celebrates her birthday on 29 December 1996 and is 27 years old as of 2023. She is from Tennoji-Ku, Osaka, Japan, and was born and raised in a well-established Christian household. She belongs to the Japanese nationality and practises Christianity.

Kdramalive Sana
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She finished her elementary education in Japan at a local high school. She then enrolled herself at a local college, where she eventually earned her graduation. She has always been more interested in singing and extracurricular activities than anything else. Her father works as a businessman and her mother is a homemaker. She is an only child.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Sana has a net worth of around $3 million. According to the several sources, she is the richest member of TWICE due to her solo activities and releases.


Sana appeared as one of the faces of Prada’s Holiday 2021 collection in 2021. This is her first foray into modelling for luxury brands. The South Korean singer Dahyun and she were chosen as ‘A’pieu’ Cosmetics models the same year. Her solo photobook ‘Yes, I am Sana’ was released by JYP Entertainment in April 2021.

She became the first member of TWICE to release a solo single in February 2021. She covered ‘Sotsugyou,’ a single released in 2020 by the Japanese band Kobukuro. Her cover, which included a capella version, was released by Warner Music Japan. Another version starring Kobukuro was released in March 2021. Her net worth has been shaped by her involvement with TWICE, as well as her other activities.

Controversies of Sana

She from the girl band TWICE made a comment in 2019, about the resignation of the Japanese Emperor that enraged Koreans. She published the following in Japanese on the group’s Instagram page, ‘I was born in the Heisei era, so am sad to see it end. I would say ‘good job’ to Heisei -the name that will be given to Emperor Akihito after his death.

Toward the first day of the new Reiwa era, I will spend the last day of Heisei with a fresh mind’. On Tuesday, Emperor Akihito renounced his throne as Japanese emperor, bringing an end to the Heisei period’s more than 30 years and opening the way for the ascent of his son, Emperor Naruhito, and the beginning of the new Reiwa era.

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Many people misunderstood her remarks and said that she was insensitive to the suffering of the Korean people at the hands of Japan. She encountered a lot of opposition before securing ONCE’s complete backing.


Japanese singer Sana Minatozaki, based in South Korea is one of three Japanese members of the South Korean girl group TWICE formed in 2015 by JYP Entertainment. Although her group received a handful of awards, she is yet to receive individual awards.

Interesting Facts about Sana

  1. Among the ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017’, was ranked 21.
  2. Formerly known as Sanapomu, she had her own Twitter account. Her most recent posting was more than 7 years ago.
  3. Sana cries while watching fan videos.
  4. Sana was once yelled at for bringing food into the dorms during her training years. She began speaking incoherently in Japanese while pretending she couldn’t understand them.
  5. On a field trip with her class, She tried to purchase water from a vending machine, but instead of her drink, a swarm of tiny frogs came out.
  6. She has a knack for being clumsy.
  7. She is close friends with Eunha from GFRIEND.
  8. Sana’s speciality is calligraphy. 

    kdramalive Sana
    Credit: Pinterest


  1. How old is Sana Minatozaki?
    Sana Minatozaki is 27 years old.
  2. What is Sana’s Instagram ID?
    m.by__sana is her Instagram ID.
  3. Does Sana has a boyfriend?
    Many romance rumours persisted throughout Sana Minatozaki’s seven-year career as an idol, but they were all untrue rumours spread by admirers. She is currently Single.
  4. When is Sana’s Birthday?
    Sana celebrates her birthday on December 29, 1996.
  5. Is GFRIEND’s Eunha Sana’s girlfriend?
    Even though she made a statement, Eunha is her girlfriend. They are close friends.
  6. What is the Youtube channel name of Sana?
    @TWICESana is her Youtube channel name.

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