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Kim Min-kyu: Wiki, Career, Awards, 9 Fun Facts & More

Biography of Kim Min-kyu

Kim Min-kyu, under Companion Company, clearly punches above his weight in South Korea as an actor with an umteen fanbase immediately after his appearance in the successful series, ‘Business Proposal’ in 2022. He is also known for his roles in television series, including ‘Queen: Love and War’, ‘Backstreet Rookie’, ‘Snowdrop’ and ‘The Heavenly Idol’.

Early Life and Education

Min-kyu was born on 25 December 1994 in South Korea. He completed his schooling at Gwangmun High School in Seoul. Information about his graduation is not available to the public.


Kim Min-kyu had a dream of becoming an actor since his elementary school education after watching the adventure film series, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by Peter Jackson. Min-kyu debuted his acting career in 2013, playing a cameo role in the South Korean television series, ‘Monstar’ starring Yong Jun-hyung, Kang Ha-neul and Ha Yeon-soo in the lead roles. In the same year, he played a minor role in a South Korean thriller-horror film, ‘The Five’, written and directed by Jeong Yeon-shik based on his webtoon ‘The 5ive Hearts’.

kdramalive image of Kim Min-kyu
Credit: Pinterest

Kim Min-kyu gained popularity with his notable lead role in a 2016 South Korean action comedy film, ‘Chasing’ as Kim Tae-young. Actors Kim Seung-woo, Shin Kang-woo, Kim Jung-tae and Han Sang-hyuk were the lead casts in Oh In-Chun’s directed film.

During his initial acting career, Min-kyu appeared as a supporting artist in some television series. He was seen in the series, ‘Who Are You: School 2015’ in a supporting role as a swimmer. Actors Kim So-hyun, Nam Joo-hyuk, and Yook Sung-jae played the lead roles in the sixth instalment of KBS’s ‘School’ series.

Popular Supporting Roles of Kim Min-Kyu from 2016-2019

Min-kyu played the role of Hwang Eui-kyung, a junior officer who cleans up the work area of the Seoul cold case squad in the South Korean fantasy police procedural television series, ‘Signal’ in 2016. The series, directed by Kim Won-seok, is based on the 2000 film, ‘Frequency’, inspired by real-life criminal incidents in Korea.

Min-kyu appeared as Yeon Bok-nam, a colleague of an assistant screenwriter Yoon Ji-ho, in the series, ‘Because This Is My First Life’ in 2017. The television series, directed by Park Joon-hwa, explores different points of view on relationships, love, marriage and career. Actors Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min play lead roles in the series.

He acted as Kim Myung-ha in the television series, ‘The Rich Son’, starring Kim Ji-hoon, Kim Ju-hyeon, Hong Soo-hyun and Lee Kyu-han in lead roles in 2018.

Being a potential actor, Kim Min-kyu charms television series enthusiasts, playing the role of Yoon Min-seok, who is a self-assured and charming global K-pop idol in the 2019 Korean drama series, ‘Perfume’. His role as a K-pop idol, the second male lead in the series, believes that he can make any person fall in love with him in just three seconds. However, he fails to succeed after he falls for an already-engaged model.

In 2019, Min-kyu portrayed the role of King Lee-kyung in Kim Jung-min’s period drama, ‘Queen: Love and War’, co-starring Jin Se-yeon, Do Sang-woo, Lee Si-eon and Lee Yul-eum in the lead roles. After playing lead roles in some famous television series, Min-kyu made a special appearance in the romantic comedy-drama, ‘Backstreet Rookie’ in 2020, starring Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung in lead roles. In this drama, Kim Min Kyu plays the role of Kang Ji-uk, who became an instant celebrity when he single-handedly captured a thief in a convenience store while working as a part-timer.

Kim Min-kyu appeared in a cameo role in the drama, ‘Nevertheless’, starring Song Kang and Han So-hee in the central roles. He appears in the 8th episode of the series as the old fling of Oh Bit-na. Although he made a one-time appearance in the series, his role is unforgettable due to his thoughts about human connection and the complexity of love. In 2021, Min-kyu appeared as the friend of the lead actor in the South Korean television series, ‘So I Married the Anti-fan’, based on a 2010 novel, which was made into a webtoon and a Chinese film. His role in the series is Ko Soo-hwan, a talented photographer who works for a fictional magazine company.

kdramalive image of Kim Min-kyu
Kim Min-kyu in a still from “Business Proposal”. Credit: Pinterest

Kim Min-kyu gained immense popularity for his role as Cha Sung-hoon, a reliable secretary of the CEO in the drama, ‘Business Proposal’ in 2022. His friendly and loyal character expression in the series earned him more female fans in a small duration. ‘The Heavenly Idol’ is the latest and first lead role of Min-kyu in the South Korean television series as of 2023. The series, directed by Lee So-yoon and Park So-yeon, is based on a popular webtoon of the same name by Shin Hwa-jin.


Kim Min-kyu shines brighter than ever with his recent breakthrough roles in the television series. The actor won the ‘Excellence Award for Best Actor’ in a Miniseries Romance or Comedy Drama for his outstanding work. Furthermore, he won the ‘Best Couple Award’ with co-star Seol In-ah at the 2022 ‘SBS Drama Awards’.

Military Life

It is verified that Min-kyu enlisted for his mandatory military service in the first half of 2023.

Personal Life

Presently, Kim Min-kyu is single and not interested in committing to a relationship. So far, he is career-oriented and is not been involved in any rumours.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

The hard work of Kim Min-kyu paid off fruitfully while the actor celebrates his ten years of thriving acting career in 2023. One of the most sought-after talents in the television series, he gathered a lot of money for his name. The estimated net worth of Min-kyu as of 2023 is 5 to 10 million US dollars. He earns tremendous amounts from his high-scale acting projects, brand endorsements and event guesting. Min-kyu is one of the actors with numerous fanbases worldwide. On 14 April 2023, he held a heartfelt and fun-filled 2-hour fan meeting, ‘Heavenly Moment’ in Manila.


  • Brand of the Year Awards 2022
    Rising Star Actor (2022)
  • SBS Drama Awards 2022
    Best Couple – Kim Min-kyu with Seol In-ah – ‘Business Proposal’ (2022)
  • SBS Drama Awards 2022
    Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Romance/Comedy Drama – ‘Business Proposal’ (2022)
Kdramalive Image of Kim Min-kyu
Credit: Pinterest

Interesting Facts about Kim Min-kyu

  1. Min-kyu has two pet cats, Xian and Shami.
  2. Min-kyu was a Kpop trainee and trained alongside the members of SEVENTEEN.
  3. The movie ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ inspired Min-kyu to become an actor.
  4. The hobby of Min-kyu is playing with Lego bricks.
  5. Min-kyu loves playing video games and hanging out with his cats.
  6. Min-kyu is an excellent swimmer.
  7. Min-kyu loves hitting the gym.
  8. Min-kyu takes great pride in his eyes and dimples.
  9. Min-kyu admires women who think deeply and have good values.


  1. In which show did Min-kyu contest?
    Kim Min-kyu was a cast member in the variety show, ‘Love Me Actually’ in 2018.
  2. When was actor Min-kyu born?
    Min-kyu was born on 25 December 1994.
  3. How old is Min-Kyu?
    Kim Min-Kyu is 28 years old as of 2023.
  4. When did Min-Kyu begin his acting career?
    Min-Kyu began his acting career in 2013.
  5. What is the Instagram handle of Min-kyu?
    @mingue.k is the Instagram handle of Kim Min-kyu.

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