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Kang In-soo: Wiki, Career, Awards,11 Fun Facts & More

Biography of Kang In-soo

Kang In-soo is a South Korean singer and actor. In his adolescent days, Kang set his heart on pursuing music and applied to the Department of Theater and Film in high school. Kang’s initial application was not accepted and thus he majored in dance.

In-soo signed with H2 Media and debuted with the boy idol group ‘Myname’. He is the main vocalist for the quintet. His first acting role was in the ‘Shinokubo Story’ released on 16 November 2013 alongside his group. His first solo independent mini-album titled ‘Naked’ was released in 2017. The following month after the album’s release, Kang got enlisted for his mandatory military service.

Early Life and Education

Kang In-soo was born on 10 March 1988 in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. As an aspiring singer, he first applied to the Anyang Arts High School under the Department of Theater and Film. Since his application was rejected, he reapplied for the dance program as his second choice and was successful. For two years, he avoided dancing and took singing and music lessons instead.

For Kang In-soo to graduate from high school, he was required to come up with a dance piece. A male dance teacher assisted in the students’ production and influenced Kang with his ballet moves. During his final years, Kang In-soo practised ballet as well as modern dance. He passed Sejong University’s concours and was accepted as a dance major despite not knowing how to dance. He graduated from the institute and for two years was the ballet instructor for Son Yeon-jae and Shin Soo-ji. Later, he joined Korea National Open University.

kdramalive Kang In-soo
Credit: Pinterest

After celebrating a career in ballet and music, Kang In-soo participated in the television talent series ‘Superstar K’ in the second season. His appearance on the show received recognition, receiving calls from multiple entertainment companies. He rejected all the opportunities for ‘Fly to the Sky’s’ Hwanhee under H2 Media. He was unsuccessful in the audition and for seven consecutive days he sat at the company’s entrance and greeted the staff to make them recognize his face. As a result of his effort, he was invited to practice and became a trainee under the label.

Kang In-soo became a vocalist in the South Korean boy idol group ‘Myname’. The group made their first debut on 27 October 2011, with the single ‘Message’. His first acting debut was along with his group members in the film ‘Shinokubo Story’, which was released in 2013. He played the role of one of the five characters seeking to become ‘stars’. On 6 September 2017, he released his first solo mini album ‘Naked’ in Japan.

Kang In-soo’s music style was influenced by the South Korean boy band ‘Big Bang’ and ‘Usher’. The day before ‘Naked’s’ release, he held a release event at the Tower Records store in Shibuya. The mini-album topped number 19 on Japan’s national Oricon Albums Chart. To promote the album, he held two solo concerts in late September. His music style is influenced by Hwanhee and the American singer Usher as role models. His debut solo mini-album ‘Naked’ comprehends ballads, R&B, dance and rock music. The lead single ‘Naked Love’ is an EDM track.


Kang In-soo appeared on the South Korean television show ‘Superstar K 2’ in 2010 as a contestant. In 2020, he was featured as a cast member for the South Korean basketball reality show program ‘Handsome Tiger’. The same year, he played a role in the drama series ‘Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart’.

kdramalive Kang In-soo and Lee Sang
A still from the drama “Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart” (2020). Credit: Pinterest

The series is about a singer and a keyboard player adding harmony and love to their musical lives. In 2021, he appeared in the idol romance ‘Nobelman’ Ryu Ho-seon and as Gye Han-sol in the YouTube Miniseries ‘Starting Point of Dating’.


Kang In-soo, the singer-turned-actor, has won recognition and fame worldwide with his unique charisma and charm. His popularity grew internationally because of his role in ‘Wish You’. He continues his career with his solo projects. As a promising artist, he is yet to establish himself with great achievements and his fans are awaiting his future endeavours.

Military Life

On 26 October 2017, he enlisted in military service. He received his military training at the Korea Army Training Center in Nonsan, South Chungcheong, Province and was discharged in July 2019.

Personal Life

Born on 10 March 1988 in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, he is an aspiring singer. He has an older brother. He is currently not dating anyone and is single. Much about his personal life is not revealed to the public.
Credit: Kang In-soo

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Kang In-soo’s estimated net worth is $3-5 million. Kang’s major source of income is his solo career in music and acting.


Kang In-soo, the young and budding singer-turned-actor, is building his career with his solo projects in the coming years. He is yet to win achievements as he is starting to establish himself as a popular artist gaining recognition.

Interesting Facts about Kang In-soo

  1. Kang In-soo’s nickname is ‘MYNAME’s Mom’.
  2. Kang In-soo’s favourite colours are black and white.
  3. Kang In-soo’s role model is Usher.
  4. In-soo speaks Korean and Japanese.
  5. In 2010, In-soo participated in the show ‘Superstar K 2’.
  6. Kang In-soo acted in the movie ‘Shinokubo Story’ (2013).
  7. In-soo released his first Japanese solo ‘Naked Love’ before enlisting.
  8. According to JunQ, In-soo is very strict & self-disciplined.
  9. Kang In-soo is a big NBA fan.
  10. In December 2019, Kang In-soo’s contract with H2 Media expired and he decided to leave the agency.
  11. In-soo’s favourite types of foods are Korean and Japanese.


  1. When does Kang celebrate his birthday?
    Kang celebrates his birthday on 10 March.
  2. What was the name of the idol group Kang was part of?
    Kang was part of the South Korean boy group Myname.
  3. When was Kang enlisted in his military service?
    Kang got enlisted on 26 October 2017.
  4. Is Kang dating anyone?
    From the information available from multiple sources, Kang is single and is not dating anyone.
  5. What is Kang In-soo’s Instagram ID?
    insoo_casper is Kang’s Instagram ID.

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