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Joon Park: Wiki, Career, Awards, 9 Fun Facts & More

Biography of Joon Park

Joon Park whose Korean name is Park Joon-hyung is a South Korean-born American singer, entertainer, actor and the leader of the Korean pop group ‘g.o.d’ in South Korea. The Korean pop group ‘g.o.d’ is the most popular boy band in the early 2000s in South Korea formed by SidysHQ. The members of the band include Park Joon-Hyung, Yoon Kye-sang, Danny Ahn, Son Ho-young, Kim Tae-woo. They made their debut in 1999 and were disbanded in 2005.

Early Life and Education

Joon Park was born in South Korea on 20 July 1969 and later immigrated to the US during his early years. He was raised in South California. He is the youngest of three siblings and attained American citizenship. He and his siblings were raised by his mother as his father passed away when he was young. Joon Park is a graduate of La Quinta High School in Westminster, California and later he attended California State University, Long Beach. Before entering the entertainment industry, during his college days, he worked at an advertising firm as a graphic designer as he was interested and talented in that field.


With the aspiration to create a pop music group, Joon Park moved to Seoul, South Korea in 1997. With the help of his elder sister’s contacts, he sets out to pursue his goal in the K-pop industry. He wanted to try out new experiments with the amalgamation of Korean music with Western culture. The first member he recruited to his boy band was his cousin Danny Ahn, followed by Danny’s friend, Son Ho-young, Yoon Kye-sand and Kim Sun-a. Park Jin-young, Singer-songwriter was their producer and the group was initially a six-member mixed-gender band temporarily named ‘GOT6’.

Before the group’s debut and the release of the album, Joon Park was featured in the beer commercial for Oriental Brewery and also achieved a small role in the ‘Soonpoong Clinic’, the SBS sitcom as the boyfriend of Song Hye-kyo’s character. The agency failed to provide financial funding to the band and had to live on their mere assistance. After Kim Sun-a left for her career in acting, the final member who joined the band was Kim Tae-woo, a high school student.

He impressed Park Jin-young with his audition tape and in person meeting in 1998. From six, the band was reduced to five and renamed as ‘Groove Over Dose’, for which the acronym is ‘g.o.d’. In 1999 January, ‘g.o.d’ debuted on television but their performance of ‘To Mother’ received less appreciation from critics as the subject of the song was quite unfamiliar for an idol group who were pitched as teen idols. However, the song was one of the most famous hits of ‘g.o.d’. The song was based on childhood and the upbringing of Joon Park by his single mother.

Kdramalive image of Joon Park with g.o.d members
Joon Park with his g.o.d team members. Credit: Pinterest

With the discovery of Joon Park’s dating, which was considered to be taboo for most pop stars back in South Korea at that time, the group nearly broke up in 2001. Without informing him, the management and the group members wanted him to leave the group and wanted to carry on the band as a quartet. This stirred up the hornets’ nest of fans who signed petitions against the decision and was willing to boycott concerts. Ahn, Yoon, Son and Kim held their own private conference to express their support and the management had to succumb to the initiatives and eventually backed down.

The band decided to take a break in 2006, with Yoon leaving the band and the lead vocalist Kim Tae-woo enlisted for military duty. The other members sowed the seeds for their solo careers in the entertainment industry while he returned to the US. Joon Park moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career and had a cameo in ‘Speed Racer’, as the Yakuza Driver.

He appeared in the role of Yamcha in the live-action film version of ‘Dragonball Evolution’ where he starred with actors like Chow Yun Fat, Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum and Jamie Chung. While shooting Dragonball Evolution he injured himself and was under rehabilitation for almost two years.

For the 15th anniversary of the ‘g.o.d’ in 2014, the members agreed to reunite and Joon Park returned to Korea for the same. He signed with SidusHQ and he contributed his graphic designing skills for the production of their concerts, furnishing the artwork for background visual effects and designing concert posters.

Kdramalive image of Joon Park and Jackson Wang
Joon Park with Jackson Wang. Credit: Pinterest

He was featured in the MBC drama ‘You Are My Destiny’. Joon Park and fellow K-pop stars Sunny from Girls Generation and Jackson Wang from Got7 joined the cast for the second season of ‘Roommate’, where the celebrities live under the same roof and share the responsibilities of all the household chores. His cheerful persona and candour gained popularity and recognition among audiences and has appeared in multiple variety and reality shows like Infinite Challenge, Saturday Night Live Korea, Radio Star, and Life Bar.

Joon Park was a part of the music video ‘Shake That Brass’, the title track by Amber Liu’s debut extended play ‘Beautiful’ as well as ‘Hot Sugar’, the single by Kim Jong-kook’s group Turbo.

He opened his own YouTube channel called ‘Wassup Man’ video-graphing his blogs about his travels in Korea. The videos went viral on social media in South Korea and there was an increase in the number of subscribers within two months. In 2018, Wassup Man was the most South-Korean-based subscribed YouTube channel in the course of a short time span. Wassup Man was adapted as a Netflix series titled ‘Wassup Man GO’ spotlighting Joon Park in Los Angeles.


No information is available.

Military Life

No information is available.

Personal Life

Joon Park’s agency officially announced on 4 May 2015, that he is engaged to Kim Yoo-jin, who is a flight attendant. They dated for almost a year and got married on 26 June 2015. Their daughter was born on 10 May 2017.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

His net worth is estimated to be around $6-8 million US dollars.

He is one of the richest pop singers and one of the most popular pop singers. With the aim of creating a band, he along with other artists created a band called ‘Groove Over Dose’ and had their own television show which dominated the Korean ratings.

Kdramalive image of Joon Park
Credit: Pinterest


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Interesting Facts about Joon Park

  1. Joon Park’s band ‘Groove Over Dose’ had their own television show, which dominated the Korean ratings.
  2. He was the leader of the Korean pop group ‘Groove Over Dose’.
  3. He was ‘g.o.d’s’ lead rapper.
  4. He was raised by his widowed mother.
  5. He got married in 2015.
  6. His Korean name is Park Joon-hyung.
  7. He is a South Korean-born American singer.
  8. The first member he recruited to his boy band was his cousin Danny Ahn.
  9. His YouTube channel is called ‘Wassup Man’.


  1. How old is Joon Park?
    As of 2023, Joon Park is 54 years old.
  2. When does Joon Park celebrate his birthday?
    His birthday is on 20 July.
  3. To whom is Joon Park married?
    He is married to Kim Yoo-jin.
  4. What is the name of the band formed by Joon Park?
    Groove Over Dose.
  5. What is the name of Joon Park’s YouTube channel?
    His YouTube channel is called ‘@Wassup Man‘.
  6. What is his Instagram ID?
    ‘@godjp‘ is his Instagram ID

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